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Holidays are a bit of a struggle for me

Mostly because since Liam was born, and especially now that he’s old enough to participate in holiday stuff, I have to be the one to make the holiday happen at our house. Will seems content to just do the holiday things my parents do, but I feel this overwhelming need to have our own holiday first. I want to have Christmas morning just our little family, and Easter morning I’m going to make breakfast and set out a little family basket with our candy and gifts. I might just buy everyone a set of socks and call it good. Idk. Anyway, is anyone else struggling to do your own holidays instead of family stuff since the baby came? Or is it just me? :/

I would kill for some cuddles right now. Will isn’t really a cuddler, and when I cuddle with him I’m always the big spoon. Why can’t I be the little spoon??? Why doesn’t he want to cuddle with me?? :(
Just want to feel loved. I want it so badly it hurts.

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